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December 05, 2012



So nice to see you pop up on my google reader feed!

Alex Strick van Linschoten

"All-but-defunct". :(

Els DL

Surprised to see you pop up on my reader feed. I really have enjoyed your stories from Afghanistan; having worked and lived there for a total of a full year during 2004-2009 I always looked forward to your beautifully written blogs. I am ashamed to admit I don't know much about the incredible hardships people are now enduring in Mali. I'm afraid that I am sliding toward utter disgust with the human race; nevertheless I still feel like it's worth getting up each morning to scan the horizon for remainders of humanity. What you do in your stories about human destruction is in an of itself an act of humanity. Thanks and have a safe new year!

Kanani Fong

A good snapshot of the region, it's problems, and personalizing it as well. thanks for this. Great stuff. Wish you wrote more! So glad I kept you in my reader, or I would have missed this. By the way, I've officially shut my blog down as of today, but will continue over at WarRetreat.

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